How’s your experience with

Yes, great quality, great boobs, fast shipping! I’ve been obsessed with boobs since I was a little girl and flat chested girls are never padded 🙂 this doll is fantastic …. Finding the right bra wasn’t easy, but I didn’t mind! This doll is incredibly lifelike ….. Maybe the quality of the wig could be a little better. If technology keeps advancing in the future, real girls will have some loneliness issues!

Is recommended?

Yes, I recommend this seller. I’ve never been a fan of skinny girls, and I worry that the doll industry will focus on creating the “perfect body”. This doll is a real woman, and I love the way she looks now! I’m very pleased with her, the doll is perfectly constructed, especially the shape of those impressive breasts. I’m glad I jumped at the chance to buy her, even though I’m sure I’ll never find another girl with breasts like that in my life. Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, worth investing. Received in perfect condition, thank you. I gave her a bath first, and like all my previous toys, I sanitized her with feminine wash to remove the new “factory smell”. I was immediately horny. Her skin was beautiful, smoother and silkier, especially when wet. Her little ass was my favorite. Honestly, just describing her excites me! I am very pleased with this doll. She’s just fantastic! Just like a real person!